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Our Products

The products we tender are multifarious and the extensive ensemble of high-quality goods will suit all our customers' needs.

Alloys & High grade glass fabric

Dupont Vespel Polyimide rods, sheets, plates, tubes & parts. Dupont Kapton Polyimide films, FR-4 Epoxy laminate sheets, Machineable glass ceramics. Titanium alloys sheets etc.,


Stainless Steel, Titanium and Nylon Fasteners like Screw, Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Helicoil, Thread Inserts, Rivets etc.


Adhesives; Cleaners & Degreasers; Conformal Coatings; Contact Cleaners; Dusters & Freezers; Flux Removers; Fluxes; General Task Wipes; Liquid Fluxes; Oil Dispensers; Repair Pens; Threadlockers; Ultrasonic Cleaners & Detergents.

Precision Manufacturing Components

Couplings, Gear Boxes, Bearings, Anti Vibration Springs, Worm Wheel, Gear Reducers, Bevel Gear Boxes, Rack and Pinion Actuators etc.

Cables & Wires

  • Conduit, Raceway & Support Systems.
  • Conduit Fittings & Enclosures.
  • Lighting & Accessories
  • Wire & Cable.
  • Power Conditioning Products.
  • Grounding & Lighting Protection.
  • Instrumentation & Process Control.
  • Utility & Telecom Products.

Miniature Electronic Fabrication Tools

Cutters, Pliers, Tweezers, Wire Wrapping, Crimping Tools, Stripping Tools, Screwdrivers, Scissors, Taps and Dies, bench vise, Insertion Extraction Tools, Component Lead Formers, Drill Bits, Screwdriver Bits, Knives, Digimatic Calipers, Micrometers, Hex Key Sets, Heat Guns, Thermal Wire Strippers, Torque Controlled Electric Screwdrivers etc.

Heavy Duty Mechanical Tools

Torque Wrenches, Torque Screwdrivers, Sockets, Bolt Cutters, Hammers, Insulated Tools, Drill Guns, Storage Cabinets, Ratchets etc.

Soldering & Desoldering

Desolder Braid; Desoldering Stations; Dispensing Systems; Electronic Tapes/Dispensers; Fume Extraction; Handpieces; Holding Devices; ID Labels & Printers; Inserters/Extractors; Ovens & Hotplates; Portable Irons/Guns; Printed Circuit Repair; Racks, Carriers & Vises; Rework & Repair; SMD Rework; Solder; Solder Mask; Solder Paste; Solder Pots; Solder Tapes; Solder Tape Dispensers; Soldering Stations; Stencil Wipes; Stencil Wipes & Cleaners; Threadlockers; Tips; UV Inspection; Wire & Bar Solder.

Test Equipments

Breadboards; Cable/LAN; Calibrators; Clamp Meters; Component Testers; Data Acquisition; Data loggers; Decade Boxes; Digital Multimeters; Electricals Testers; Fiber Inspection; Frequency Counters; Function Generators; LCT/Monitor Testing; Lineman Test Sets; Logic Analyzers; MegOhmmeter; Network Testers; Noise Testing; Oscilloscopes; Scopemeters; Spectrum Analyzers; TDR Cable Testers; Thermal Imagers; Thermometers; Tone Testers; Video Testers.

Quality Control Products

Illuminators; Inspection Systems; Lamps; Loupes; Magnifiers; Microscopes & Accessories; Optic Cleaners; Safety Glasses; Stereo viewing systems; STereo Dynascopic microscopes; stereo zoom microscopes; Non-contact measurement systems; laboratory microscopes; metallurgical microscopes etc.

Static Control

Bottles & Dispensers; Cords/Connectors; ESD Bottles & Accessories; ESD Brushes & Non-ESD Brushes; ESD Cleaning Products; ESD Floor Wax; Floor Mats & Runners; Foot & Heel Grounders; Gloves & Cots; Grounding Kits; Hand Lotions; Ionizers & Air Guns; Lab Coats & Jackets; Meters; Swabs; Table Mats; Testers & Monitor; Work Station Mats; Wrist Straps.

Tool Kits & Cases

Carts; Cleanroom; Electrical/Electrician's ; Electro-Mechanical; Electronic Service; Field Service; Government; Maintenance & Repair; Medical / Laboratory; Network; Shipping Cases; Telecommunications/VOIP.

Tools - Hand & Power

Bits; Cable Insulation; Cable Ties; CATV Tools; Crimpers; Cutters; Drill Sets; Fiber Optic; Fiber Optic Cleaners; Files; Hammers; Heat Guns; Heat Shrink Kits; Hex Tools; Hooks, Probes & Scribes; Inspection Mirrors; Knives; Measuring Tools; Mini Power Tools; Miniature Sets & ESD Sets; Multi-Tools; Nutdrivers; Pick-up Tools; Plastics Cutters; Pliers & Cutters; Fine Electronics, Heavy-Duty, Insulated & Standard; Power Drills & Drivers; Punchdown Tools; Punches; Rotary Tools; Sasa; Scissors; Screwdrivers; Taps & Dies; Telecommunications; Torque Drivers & Wrenches; Vacuums; Wire Strippers; Wire Wrap; Worklights & Batteries; Wrenches, Socket & Ratchet Sets.

Material Handling & Storage

ESD Labels; ESD Storage/Shipping; Hand Trucks; Shelving Systems; Static Bags & Foam; Storage Cabinets; Tapes & Dispensers; Tool Storage; Work Carts.


Assembly; Carbon Fiber Tips; Carbon Steel Cutters; Ceramic tip; Diamond Tip; Ergonomic; ESD; Hemostats; Plastic; Precision Tweezers; Smart Tweezer; Stainless Steel; Wafer Handling.

Other Materials

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines, Convection Oven, Kapton and Polyimide Tapes, Cleaning Swabs and Wipes, Utility Carts, Instrument Carts, Tool Chest, Shipping Cases, Tool Kits etc.